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Central Crime Zone y Ain´t it cool news.
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Central Crime Zone and Ain´t it cool news.

Actualización: No puedo encontrar el enlace, pero tengo el texto de la reseña de FR en The Onion.
Update: I can´t find the link, but I have the text from the FR review in The Onion.

Filthy Rich is the kind of graphic novel Brian Azzarello could do in his sleep: sleazy, steamy, and full of familiar noir touchstones. But when the results are this solid, who’d want it any other way? Noirs are essentially tragedies with cigarettes and neckties, and knowing it’ll all go to hell before the end just makes the ride downward more gripping. Azzarello’s script is clever and nasty, and Victor Santos’ art captures every lingering stare and wicked smile. It all builds to an ending that surprises without upsetting the mold. Sometimes falling from grace puts a guy just a few inches left from where he started… A-

Actualización 2: Reseña en wizardworld.
Update: 2: Review in wizardworld.